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Adding a Pool to Your Backyard

Summertime calls for an oasis in your backyard – and that includes adding a swimming pool! Not only can it provide a refreshing way to cool off, but also offers opportunities for fun and fitness. However, hiring an expert Sydney pool builder to ensure that your new pool complies with local regulations as well as being free from interference with underground powerlines or utilities before construction commences is of utmost importance.

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Sydney Harbour Pool is one of the oldest swimming and water polo pools in southern hemisphere, dating back over one hundred years. Following an $8 million heritage refurbishment including new boardwalks and water polo lights, it reopened for business again in September 2021 after welcoming back swimmers following its opening after renovations were complete. Ideal for swimmers of all abilities including those with disabilities; home to several aquatic clubs as well as its pontoon of diving blocks at one end which allows 50-metre laps.

Sydney Pools are open Monday-Sunday 6am-10pm and 8am-5pm respectively and require an entry fee of $6 for adults and $2 per child; picnickers also enjoy this peaceful oasis! The Sydney Harbour Pool makes an excellent place for a beach-style picnic experience! Bring along a towel and sunscreen to keep the sun’s harsh rays at bay and enjoy an exciting and beautiful swimming experience at Sydney Pools. Not only is the venue host to various events and festivals throughout the year but is renowned as being an exciting and beautiful spot. Sydney Pools offer an enjoyable outing for families, couples, and friends in Sydney city centre. There are restaurants and bars at Sydney Pools as well as being situated directly on the waterfront of north sydney – perfect for all! Sydney Pools are easy to locate and offer ample parking nearby, featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, arcade games and food vendors to keep everyone occupied for an entertaining visit. Plus there’s live music every now and again so be sure to check the schedule before arriving at this leisure destination. Sydney Pools hosts numerous special events throughout the year, such as New Year’s Eve Swim and Family Day. Plus there is an on-site cafe – making this Sydney Pools visit perfect to unwind this summer.

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