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Customisation at Your Fingertips

Swimming pools are an elegant, enjoyable, and relaxing addition to any backyard, perfect for entertaining guests and providing children with a place to splash around and cool off during the heat of the summer. However, no beautiful pool would be complete without its own safety barrier – made usually of metal or concrete and offering strong protection for swimmers. Unfortunately these barriers aren’t easy to find or install but now online ordering provides you with access!

Customisation at Your Fingertips

A pool purchase can be an enormous financial commitment, so it’s essential that it fits both your needs and the style of your home. While standard pools may be available through numerous showrooms, these may have limited size and functionality options; custom pools can be built on-site by professional sydney pools experts for better results.

Custom-built pools offer the optimal solution to maximize your enjoyment of a pool while saving money in the long run. In fact, custom-built options can cost up to 30% less than prefabricated options while giving you exactly what you want!

Sydney pools are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, and using recycled materials is one of the best ways of doing this. Not only will using this approach help reduce construction industry waste but it will also lower energy and water consumption significantly compared with conventional pools which waste up to 40% of water through evaporation.

In the past, Sydney pools were often constructed using brick or concrete blocks which weren’t very eco-friendly. This was mostly due to difficulties sourcing recyclable material, transport costs being expensive and their difficulty to work with requiring specialist machinery.

Now there are more eco-friendly swimming pool options than ever available to us, such as fiberglass and vinyl pools. Not only are these more environmentally friendly than concrete pools, they also offer greater strength and durability compared to their concrete counterparts – meaning you can maximize your pool without breaking the bank!

MacCallum Pool, as one of the oldest harbour pools in southern hemisphere, provides sheltered swimming with spectacular views of Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Lap swimmers will appreciate its long length, plenty of shaded spots after their swim, and long lap swimmers should appreciate its long length for lap swimming practice. Unfortunately, this once-heralded project has proven disastrous for North Sydney council due to infighting, pork barrelling, heritage concerns and public health worries; consequently, its opening date was put back to 2025! Hopefully these lessons learned will lead to success; for now however it might be wiser to avoid it if possible.

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