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The HK Prize and Its Winners

The HKS Prize in Hong Kong is an esteemed award given to researchers and innovators across various fields. This opportunity provides researchers with a great way to win scholarships that will assist with pursuing their career goals while being recognized for their hard work and contributions to society. To apply successfully for this hk prize award it is vital that one reads its rules and regulations thoroughly prior to applying.

The inaugural edition of the Hong Kong Prize has received overwhelming nominations from universities and research institutions in Hong Kong, which recognizes scientific exploration’s impact in transforming R&D outcomes for the benefit of society. Furthermore, this recognition serves to encourage young scientists in Hong Kong to persevere with innovative exploration so that they may establish themselves here to better serve the country and world at large.

Hong Kong may be best known for its business and technology industries, but this prize aims to highlight those in its community who make an impactful difference. Nominees include social justice activists who take a stand against injustice; students helping homeless students; an artist translating human rights concepts into fine art – these individuals may not have millions of followers or become household names but they represent the true heroes of Hong Kong.

Fighting for freedom and democracy – including those currently serving jail time – makes them deserving of recognition from Hong Kong Prize. Cai Xi stands as an embodiment of Hong Kong culture; her jailing was due to her public criticism of Chinese government policies. Her efforts show how humanity will triumph despite hardship.

Hongkonger athletes will travel to Paris this August to compete in both the Olympics and Paralympics, including swimmers Siobhan Haughey and Cindy Cheung Sum-yuet as well as table tennis mixed doubles players Wong Chun-ting and Doo Hoi Kem. Furthermore, The Jockey Club provides incentives for its Incentive Award Scheme which financially rewards qualified athletes, while both SF&OC equestrian and swimming teams also have high hopes of success at these Games.

Whoever wishes to apply for the Hong Kong Prize can do so by submitting an original, peer-reviewed journal article on any medical topic – clinical studies, observational/epidemiological analyses or meta-analyses are eligible. The winner can attend an awards ceremony in Hong Kong as well as access premier research facilities and international conferences; their winning article will also be published in a prestigious journal and they’ll receive both cash prize and trophy! The deadline for applications is 28 October 2022 – for more information visit their official website

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