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Singapore Prize for Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

The Prize is given bi-annually to works of fiction and creative nonfiction published in any of Singapore’s four official languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil. Starting in 2022, readers could cast votes for their favorites from an initial shortlist of 12 titles spanning both genres and languages – Clara Chow being one of only three writers ever shortlisted across multiple categories and languages in this way.

She was praised for her lyrical writing style and ability to transport readers into an immersive world filled with vibrant characters and breathtaking settings. Ponti, an unfinished novel which will become her debut book, depicts a young woman dealing with trauma and loss in modern Singapore and was awarded the Deborah Rogers Writer’s Award, providing writers support as they create their first novel – presented by Ian McEwan himself.

The magazine presented their second annual prize this November 8 to writers whose work explores themes of love, identity, family and culture through fiction, memoir and essay writing. The winning writer will receive both a US$20,000 cash prize as well as an stipend to further develop their work – the judges commended its use of language to evoke “an urban landscape that is both familiar yet unfamiliar”.

Singapore Pools’ Toto (stylised as TOTO) lottery game is legalized lottery selling globally similar to lotteries like it. Prize money for one draw amounts to 54% of sales made during that draw; with two weekly draws offering randomly-selected numbers from a pool of 6 plus one additional number and offering up the possibility of winning up to one million dollars as the top prize!

Prince William will travel to Singapore next week for the Earthshot Awards, an innovation competition created by him that is in its third edition. These awards aim to foster optimism about climate change solutions being created across the world while celebrating what people are already working on to address it. He will meet people here who are protecting wildlife habitats – including indigenous tribes of Singapore – from harm.

He will attend a United for Wildlife global summit, featuring law enforcement agencies and companies working to combat illegal animal trade, before practicing dragon boating – a traditional sport in Singapore – and visiting its new Jewel exhibition center. On Tuesday – their first trip since 2012 – Prince William and Kate Middleton will plant a tree at Jurong Hill park; CNN International will broadcast this ceremony which promises to be star-studded, featuring performances by One Republic as well as singers Bastille and Bebe Rexha among others.

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